Promoting Music with Facebook Ads

Facebook “likes” mean nothing.

“Likes” aren’t a measure of success.

It feels good to see all those “likes” because they’re what I call a Vanity Metric, but “Likes” don’t convert into a sustainable source of income for a musician or real success.


Why use Facebook Ads to Advertise Music?

Facebook is providing musicians with the largest advertising opportunity in history.

Facebook ads cost a fraction of what some other online marketing channels cost, and far less than TV, Radio or Print campaigns. It’s not a question of how much Facebook costs, but how far your budget can go.

Musicians know too well that organic reach is very limited on Facebook, while posting regularly to your page is a good way to reach your current audience, you need to consider advertising to expand your reach and grow your audience.

Facebook is far more powerful than you may realise. Most people are aware of the ability to “boost” posts, but we can do far more than that.

There’s over 2 billion users on Facebook, which means your audience is definitely on Facebook, it’s just a matter of finding them.

There’s three general things you need to establish in order to succeed with Facebook ads as a musician.

  1. Finding your fans online
  2. Marketing to them effectively
  3. Implement a strategy for what happens after the users see your ad


Step 1 – Finding your Fans

There’s no point in advertising a Heavy Metal band to a Facebook user who only listens to Beyonce, or a Hip Hop act to someone who only listens to Metallica.

The same goes with any genre.

It’s imperative to narrow the audience you target with your advertising. The goal is to target Facebook users who’re most likely going to enjoy your music.

Because people share so much about themselves on social media, we can buy some of the most targeted advertising available. Facebook has a targeting option for everything.

In my Music Marketing class, I’m going to show you how you can get your music in front of people on Facebook, who listen to specific artists or bands.

Using my Facebook advertising strategy, you will find the right kinds of people who will love your music.

Specifically finding the right kinds of people who like the right kind of music, will increase the likelihood of them becoming fans of your music.

Do you describe yourself as sounding like a combination of certain artists? Then we will show ads to people who show an interest in all of those artists.


Step 2 – Marketing Effectively

You have 3 seconds to capture the interest of the audience you’re advertising to. How will you stand out?

Video ads are the highest converting form of ad on Facebook, but almost 50% of the value happens in the first 3 seconds.

When you create videos for ads, try to capture the viewers attention immediately.

This can be done by using a clip of the most compelling part of your song, instead of starting the video from the beginning.

Optimise the copy and the content of your ads to achieve your goal. An ad which asks the user to take a specific action will result in far higher conversions than one that doesn’t.

Which would work better?

  1. “Add our new song to your favourite Spotify playlist”
  2. “Our new song is out now on Spotify”

#1 will result in far more adds to playlists and ultimately, far more streams.


Step 3 – Implement a Strategy

The biggest mistake I see musicians make, is investing in Awareness Marketing and nothing further.

Facebook ads are great for creating awareness; getting your music in front of people and gaining exposure, but what happens after they see your ad?

Where does the link go when the user clicks your ad?

Then what happens after that?

This is where the second biggest mistake happens. Musicians adopt “Hope Marketing”.

You can’t get down on one knee and hope and pray that those people who saw your Facebook ad will become a fan.

It’s critical to implement a strategy to convert that Facebook user into a fan after they’ve seen your ad.

In my Music Marketing class, you’ll learn how to implements a marketing funnel.

A marketing funnel illustrates the journey which a user takes towards achieving a goal that you set.

Understanding the marketing funnel will improve your entire marketing strategy.



Although organic reach on Facebook is limited and it’s difficult to reach a new audience organically, Facebook is offering a huge advertising opportunity for musicians.

Facebook ads are excellent for gaining exposure for your music if used correctly.

Learning to find the right kinds of music fans is essential in order to acquire Facebook users who’re most likely going to enjoy your music. Without narrowing your advertising audience correctly, you’ll blow your advertising budget on Facebook users who may show no interest in your genre of music.

Creating Facebook ads is only this first step. What happens after a user clicks your ad?

It’s critical to implement a strategy to convert that Facebook user into a fan after they’ve seen your ad.

In my music marketing course you will gain access to my proven templates and instructions for online advertising that works, so you can fast track your success and get what’s working right now.

Most people spend months and thousands of dollars trying to get this right before giving up. We get it right the first time with these proven templates that I’ve personally created and tested.

This online marketing strategy results in a huge uplift in new fans, music streams and even merchandise sales.

I show you the step by step process in detail.

I leave nothing out.

– Richie

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