How to Make a Living as an Artist – 1000 True Fans

I recently read an article written by a guy named Kevin Kelly, called 1000 True Fans.

In this article he talks about only needing 1000 true fans to make a living as a creative.

He defines a “true fan” as a fan that will buy anything you produce. They’re diehard fans. They come to your shows, buy your merchandise, and follow you on all your social media accounts.

You don’t need millions of dollars to get going and you don’t need millions of fans to make a living as a musician.


How do you do it?

He says if you make $100 profit a year from each fan, that’s $100,000/year income.

That’s a pretty good living for most people, especially if it’s doing what you love.

If you’re just starting out, gaining millions of fans is unrealistic, but 1000 is doable.

It doesn’t have to be $100 from 1000 fans either.

You could make $50 from 2000 fans, that’s still $100,000. Or $200 from only 500 fans that’s $100,000 too.

Try this – Think about what you’re earning annually, then divide that by 100.

That’s how many fans you need to quit your job.

Doing this puts things into perspective. It shows you that you can create short term goals that are achievable and that making a full time income as a musician is possible.

Even if your music is so obscure that only 1 in a million people will like it, that’s still 7000 people in the world you can target. The genre of music doesn’t matter.


So how do you make $100/yr per fan?

The only requirement is that you must have a direct artist-to-fan relationship. You must eliminate all middle men, so your fans pay you directly and you keep all of the profit.

With the availability of social media, email marketing, and online payment methods, artists now have the ability and tools to allow them to sell directly to anyone in the world.

In this music marketing course you’ll learn how to create your own website with an online store. I give you the step by step instructions and there’s no coding or web developers required.

You’ll learn how to create merchandise to sell in your online store. Things link T-shirts, sweaters, hats and much more, all custom branded with your logos and artwork.

Your fans will pay you directly via credit card online.


How do you get your first 1000 fans?

The trick is learning to find those fans and to marketing to them effectively.

That is exactly what I teach you how to do in my Music Marketing class. No one else is teaching this method.

We use my proven online advertising techniques to get your music videos in front of people on YouTube who are most likely to enjoy your music.

For example, if your band sounds like Metallica, and you could share some of the same fans with Metallica, then I’ll show you how to get your music videos next to Metallica’s in the search results on YouTube.

Finding the right people and getting exposure for your music is only one step.

We then use a marketing funnel to convert those people into fans and reengage with them.

You’ll learn to effectively use social media as an artist, and how to use email marketing to create a relationship with your fans. These digital marketing techniques keep people interested and engaged with your content.

If you can turn your fans into advocates, they’ll increase your word-of-mouth presence and you’ll start to see amazing results and more engagement.

Advocates are the “True Fans” who will purchase merchandise and promote your content online.



Kevin Kelly’s article, 1000 True Fans talks about only needing 1000 true fans to make a living as a creative.

Put simply, the concept is to make $100 profit per year from each fan. That’s $100,000/year income.

Kevin Kelly puts making a living as an artist into perspective. He shows us that it’s achievable and that making a full time income as a musician is possible.

The only requirement is that you must have a direct artist-to-fan relationship. The reason for that is to remove all middle men who take part of the profit. You need to have your fans pay you directly to keep all of the profit.

The wall you have to break though, is first learning to find the right fans so you’re able to expose your music to them.

Then the key is to marketing to them effectively so you’re able to generate an income.

The ultimate goal is turning your fans into advocates who willingly represent you and promote you when they can.

Read Kevin Kelly’s article here –


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– Richie

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