Unforgettable Brand Storytelling

Some experiences stay with us after the event has finished, and others melt into the background like they never happened. Which of these do you want your brand storytelling experience to be?

With so many distractions, we have become experts at filtering-out the noise – and this means we need to bring something special if we want to capture the attention of our clients and customers.

The key to success is to provide an immersive experience which fills the senses and sweeps the audience away on a journey they won’t forget. There are several options for doing this, but one of the most interesting is the Immersive Truck, a concept created by Purple.

What is an Immersive Truck?

The Immersive Truck is a fullymobile immersive experience room that can go from pulling up at the destination, to being ready to amaze visitors in just two hours. The sides extend outwards, forming a spacious and captivating venue, with a powerful AV system.

An immersive experience room is basically a digital storytelling dream venue that puts the audience right in the centre of the story.

Immersive experience rooms are swiftly becoming all the rage in brand storytelling circles – there are few things as effective as being in a room surrounded by screens for providing an unforgettable experience that captures and maintains the attention of an audience. Each wall/screen can function separately or be used as a full 360-degree projection, and the touch-capability option enables interactive elements too.

Preparation is the key to success

There are many possibilities for immersive experiences, and Purple is a trailblazer in creating innovative concepts like this. The Immersive Truck is a great way for brands to try out the immersive concept for their own brand storytelling offensives, and it can be rented for short or longer-term periods.

If you are considering starting your own immersive road-trip, it is good to know that Purple can help arrange all the elements you need. The journey starts with a conversation, and then a strategic plan. Once you have this in place you can book the truck for however long you need.

It’s good to know that the Immersive Truck comes with an operator, who will ensure it is at the right place, the right time, and ready to go when you need it. There is also logistical support available to help avoid loose ends and to make the entire thing run smoothly.

Digital storytelling, made easy

Once everything is arranged, the rest should be very straightforward. Using the Hyro storytelling software (powered by Purple), it is easy to manage the experience. You can use a tablet to seamlessly switch between different stories and customized experiences for selected target audiences.

The adaptable Hyro software makes it easy to compose experiences, with an intuitive drag-and-drop method that can also be shared with collaborators across the globe.

There are so many different ways to use the immersive medium for brand digital storytelling it is hard to know where to start, but there is an option for every kind of company. With the Immersive Truck you can take your experience almost anywhere – and importantly – directly to where your clients are.

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