Does Dubai Offer Permanent Residency?

What is a permanent residency in Dubai? This can be quite confusing to an expatriate who has no idea what it is. In simple terms, this is the right of permanent residence granted to an individual who has acquired that status through the right of sponsorship by an organization or a government. Sponsorship is the most common option, but there are others as well.

Dubai offers permanent residency to both local residents and foreigners who are sponsored by a UAE national or an entity in the UAE. Sponsorship can take place in many forms including the purchase of real estate or homes, establishment of businesses, and even grants for education, research, etc. The process is quite simple and straightforward. You need to fill up an application form with all the necessary details and submit it along with the corresponding fee to the concerned authority. The authorities will verify the details provided and if they are genuine, you will be granted the permanent residency.

There are times when your sponsor will not be able to extend his support indefinitely. In such cases, you may need to apply for a renewable visa every time you apply for a residence permit. For instance, if your sponsor is alive but the country he emigrated to is closed to him, you need to go back to that country and obtain a new visa. If you leave that country without obtaining another permit, you face the risk of being returned to the country of your origin. Thus, it is better to renew your visa at regular intervals so as to avoid such a situation.

Why do individuals in the UAE need to apply for off plan property Dubai? Well, one reason is that labor-market competition is very stiff in the country. That is why employers have the option of hiring skilled or semi-skilled workers from abroad. Sponsored individuals can take advantage of this provision and can remain in the country while applying for a permanent residency. On the other hand, if their sponsor cannot offer them a good job or the job pays less, they might need to shift to a different country and can apply for a permanent residence there.

In addition, sponsored individuals can stay on as tourists if they decide to come to the country for a particular vacation or business trip. Sponsored travelers can easily apply for a tourist’s visas upon their arrival in the country. Permanent residents can use these tourist visa as stepping stones to acquiring a permanent residency. This is very beneficial especially to those who want to start a business in Dubai.

When does Dubai offer permanent Port de la Mer apartments Dubai? If you have the documents, you can be granted with a UAE national permanent residency after you have completed the requirements. There are various types of sponsorships that can help you get a permanent residency. These include employment contracts, investment projects, donations to charities or the government, or real estate and rental contracts. Sponsorships are not mandatory; however, they are highly recommended for those who want to have an easier time applying for a permanent residency.

Can you sponsor your family members into the country? Some countries require sponsorship, while others do not require any financial backing for an individual to acquire a permanent residence. A few countries require the individual to be a direct member of a UAE company or business. Still, others do not require any form of sponsorship. If you are planning to stay in Dubai as a permanent resident, you might want to check if the rules in the country would require you to have sponsorships.

Is it easy to find a job in Dubai? Jobs in Dubai are in abundance, which means that finding one should be no hassle at all. There are several job agencies and companies in the city that offer jobs to international students. So once you have obtained your permanent residency card, you can look for a job in the city.