An Amazing New Smartphone From Vivo

Vivo S1 Pro from Oppo is equipped with almost all the features required by a modern smartphone. With powerful processors, amazing high-end design and countless customizable add-ons, the latest Vivo smartphone from Oppo is one of the best mobile devices available in the industry today. This smartphone is equipped with Android operating system, which runs on the Dalvik engine. Apart from its amazing high-end features, Vivo S1 Pro also offers a number of unique add-ons and widgets that make this smartphone stand among the crowd. The latest Smartphones from Oppo have a unique dual screen feature where the second screen is bigger than the main screen, offering enhanced performance and flexibility.

The vivo s1 pro has a large picture taking gallery that contains 16 versions of great images including family pictures, new home and garden snaps, and many others. The handset comes with a huge 3500 mAh built-in battery, which offers plenty of talk time. One of the best highlights of this Smartphone is its newly introduced Dual- Camera setup, which allows the user to take great pictures using the primary camera as well as the camera installed in the handset. The HTC Desire HD and LG Optimus run on different variants of Android operating systems, so users can transfer their data between these two phones easily.

The vivo s1 pro has a vast support for various popular applications including Google Maps, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, HTC Gallery, Picasa, Wikipedia, and many more. The high-end mobile phone also comes along with the Vivo Candytone wallpaper, which is a very cool feature of this smart phone. Users can change the colour of their mobile phone with the help of this wallpaper.

Apart from all the amazing features, the handset comes loaded with funtouch interface. This interface runs smoothly and helps the user to quickly navigate through the various options present on the phone. The navigation buttons of this Smartphone are arranged in a vivo s1 pro  manner that it becomes extremely easy to find the option he is looking for. The funtouch software has been specifically modified to work perfectly on the HTC Desire HD and LG Optimus. Users will not find any difficulty in navigating between the applications, thanks to its unique and innovative touch screen feature.

Users can enjoy the stunning images taken with the vivo s1 pro’s wide range of camera selections – both standard and professional grade ones. The high-resolution Primary camera of this smartphone has a f/2.8 aperture which enables in-depth shots to be taken. The aperture can be modified using a dedicated button present on the homescreen. For those who want to take high-quality photographs even in poor lighting situations, the HTC vivo S1 pro can be the ideal gadget.

Apart from the unique features present in the vivo s1 pro, it is powered by a quad-core Android operating system, including Google Jellybean 4.3, which is one of the most advanced smartphone operating systems available in the market. It also boasts of a large amount of storage space, providing users with plenty of room to store their favourite pictures and videos. The large amount of memory and storage present in this smartphone make it one of the most powerful devices available in the market today. Users can expect to enjoy a hassle free experience when they buy the vivo s1 pro.