Richie Bennett - Digital Marketing Specialist

Learn Music Marketing

Learn Music Marketing is a digital marketing course for promoting music.

It’s based on real business strategies and marketing psychology that works.

You’ll learn how to start your own wildly profitable digital marketing strategy, from scratch. Get more exposure, more music streams, and more merchandise sales, so you can make music a viable career option.

I explain the step by step process and how to use all the tools you’ll need to achieve that goal.


My name is Richie Bennett and I help musicians promote their music online.

Years ago now, I released a full length album of original material.

After investing over a year writing and recording it, I took the natural next step, which was to begin marketing and promoting it.

So I Googled.

I searched for music promotion best practices.

I read all of the “Promotion hacks for DIY musicians” articles online.

Following this “great” research, I spent months:

  1. Creating videos for YouTube
  2. Contacting music blogs, Posting regular content on Facebook
  3. Paying to “boost” posts on Facebook.

All of these things were considered best practices, and it was what all my musician friends were doing too. So I was sure it was going to work.

But it didn’t.

Not only did I fail, but I spent thousands of dollars on Facebook, which only resulted in “likes” and no real fans.

When something like this happens to you, you begin to question everything. Your ability, your creativity.

I found myself in a really dark place.

When I finally picked myself up off the floor, I got myself a “real job”, working in an entirely new field.

Digital Marketing.

I worked for multinational marketing companies, learning from the gurus.

I became passionate, devouring books on the psychology of advertising online.

I broke down thousands of highly successful marketing strategies.

Eventually I discovered something that would change my career forever.

I thought back to how I used to promote music, and I looked at what other musicians were doing.

That’s when I noticed a huge difference in the way successful businesses approach online marketing, and what musicians do.

With this game-changing insight, I began building an entirely new music marketing plan based on real business strategies and marketing psychology.

I began working with musicians behind the scenes. I couldn’t believe the results I was getting for them.

I started teaching parts of my strategy to musicians and promoters.

The one thing that kept coming up over and over again from everyone I spoke to, was that almost everyone was struggling the way that I used to.

That’s when I realised this was something I needed to teach everyone.

This training is of insane value compared to everything else out there.

I’ve spent more than 6 months creating the content for this course.

It’s the accumulation of years if Digital Marketing experience.

I’ve really put all of what I’ve got into this, I’m holding nothing back.

You’re really going to benefit from it.