6 Reasons the Best Brands Use Online Reputation Repair Services

For most startups out there, it can be quite intimidating to try to make the most out of the current
situation, especially with 2020 being such a challenging year for businesses in general. It has gotten to
the point where most companies have retreated to the online space as a means of licking their wounds
and trying to get back in the game.

That said, one of the things to consider when it comes to pushing for online products and services is that
one’s online reputation can be a fickle thing depending on the situation. A single PR mistake can cause
shockwaves that might be too challenging for a new business to handle without toppling. Truth be told,
online reputation management (ORM) and repair are becoming more and more mandatory for any
company that wants to survive the current year. Here are six reasons the best brands use online
reputation repair services.

A single critic holds plenty of weight

For those that want to take care of their online reputation, it would be wise to watch everything that the
company says online. It is the reason why there are social media policies stopping employees from
talking about the brand with their personal accounts. There are also policies in place to ensure that
those representing the company maintain a professional and non-personal tone as possible.
Otherwise, it can be quite easy for someone to say something that might not seem like a big deal, only
for things to get out of hand and the company potentially suffering as a result. When a single critic can
hold so much weight, the best thing to do is not to give them any ammunition.

Sometimes, the negative press can’t be helped

No matter how hard a company tries, there are times when bad press is unavoidable. It is the reason
why there is online reputation management, and there is online reputation repair. While both deal with
the same subject matter, the latter is all about damage control and ensuring that the company can still
bounce back. Even the largest companies around have had PR issues from a single employee typing a
hot take online.

A good example would be Google Stadia, where the creative director started talking about his
controversial opinions online that reflected poorly on the rest of the project. Keep in mind that the
director’s Twitter account clearly states that his opinions are his own, but that does not matter to an
online populace. The Internet masses were more than happy to hold the company — and Stadia —

Reputation attacks are a real thing

There are plenty of ways a competitor might gain an edge over their peers. Many of the battles are
fought in the background, with one such tactic being reputation attacks. It is the reason why online
reputation repair services are so crucial, as they focus on crisis response over everything else. It always

helps for a company to have an ace up its sleeve, and having quality crisis control ensures that things
never get as bad as it could be.

There are surprising ways to deal with negative feedback

If a company is serious about making it big and tweaking inner processes to appeal to the masses, then a negative review is nothing but a stepping stone. Online reputation repair involves responding to those
negative reviews and trying their best to repair the trust between the consumer and the company. It can
be surprising, as the company could very well turn things around to the point where the negative review
only helped the company move forward.

While a company without the help of reputation repair services might not be able to capitalize on the
situation, making use of professionals can easily turn things around for the company. It is all about
turning a loss into a potential victory, and a negative review is always a potential victory.

It is especially crucial for startups

New companies already have plenty of issues to deal with in the new year — though perhaps the most
pressing issue is the fact that the new business cannot handle bad press for very long. While in its
vulnerable state, company owners cannot take big risks as it could result in a PR nightmare. The help of
online reputation professionals can help a business stay afloat while it tries to make its mark on the
industry. A new company cannot move forward without proving itself to the industry, and it can be hard
to do that when there are threats of reputation attacks.

Online reputation repair services companies deliver results

The best part about using professionals when dealing with online reputation repair is that these services
are well-versed in crisis management and turning things around for their clients. Even if the company
happens to hire professionals that might not be necessarily tried and tested, they will likely make use of
well-known tactics that can ease a potentially disastrous situation. ORM is to help lower the chances of a
slip-up online, but online reputation repair is precisely for when things start getting bad.

As stated above, negative reviews could also be turned to the company’s advantage with the right
mindset moving forward. While it might still take plenty of effort to get the job done, the guidance of
online reputation repair services is critical if companies intend to make the most of the new year.

Without the help of professionals, there is little chance for a company to overcome their competition, as
it is more than likely that the competition is utilizing the very same professionals to get an edge.
At the end of the day, the most crucial part of bouncing back from negative reviews and other
reputation attacks is that the company learned something constructive. The ability to tweak and make
use of various metrics is what separates successful companies from those that eventually flounder, and
the help of such professionals can keep most businesses afloat without having to worry about social
media blunders and other online reputation challenges.

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